WindTunnel Keith is amazing!  His ability to truly connect with our ideas and bring them to life has helped transform our meetings and brainstorm sessions into true innovation sessions.  As a participant in our sessions, Keith is able to help our teams evolve their thinking on the fly, enrich and expand our ideas, and result in a clarity that has been remarkable.

Jason Friedman, CEO, Wind Tunnel, Inc.

YANKEE_GROUP“Your work at the conference was terrific.  It helped the participants to review the information and it really helped to enliven the same old presentation formats with something special”.

Emily Green, CEO of Yankee Group

InnerWork“Keith’s work supported our facilitation work with a global bank in it’s visioning about the future of it’s services. Seeing the content of their visioning represented in his graphic images and artistic synthesis was a powerful and inspirational combination for the client. It helped motivate action teams later in the conference”.

Edward Quinn, CEO, The Innerwork Company

THE_HUMOR_PROJECT“All of our speakers were thrilled by Keith’s graphic recording at our international conference. His creativity, spontaneity and improvisational abilities capturing the essence of their presentations was very impressive. His wonderful work was truly a universal language”.

Joel Goodman, Director of the Humor Project

E3“Keith’s ability to quickly visualize our participant’s ideas is an essential element in our 5 day leadership and strategy workshops. Our corporate clients always appreciate his insightful and humorous drawings. It only takes a few minutes of watching Keith at work for everyone to understand the importance of his contribution to our process. His images become an exciting tool that our clients use as they work to formulate their final vision statement at the conclusion of the program”.

Rhoda Davidson, Principal e3 Associates

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